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Hello, welcome to the website of Ningbo Xirui Machinery Co.

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Wet polishing machine features


Ningbo Xiarui Machinery Co., LTD., research and development, production of environmental protection burnishing polishing wet explosion-proof dust removal machine is widely used in hardware grinding, building materials, furniture, carpentry and other enterprises, such as sanitary ware, door lock handle, hardware tools, valves, pipe fittings, metal surface treatment and so on. It has the characteristics of beautiful shape, high dust removal efficiency, convenient installation, maintenance and operation. Six guarantees for all products:

1, all electrical appliances and motors adopt explosion-proof configuration.

2, dust collector control system adopts PLC intelligent control, more energy saving.

3. All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel for longer service life.

4, the suction fan adopts aluminum blade, to prevent the fan friction sparks, safer.

5, according to the water pressure alarm, intelligent alarm of hazardous gas solubility, automatic water filtration slag cleaning equipment

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