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Hello, welcome to the website of Ningbo Xirui Machinery Co.

Service hotline: 0574-88390786

Have you learned about the applicability of


Automatic polishing machine is suitable for the following industries:

Metal materials and products (metal) aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and household utensils, copper material and products, plumbing sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products, signs, nameplate, metal crafts accessories, knife cut class, door hinge, auto bike parts, tableware, Wei buckle products, button, belt buckle, cell phone shell, clock and watch industry artifacts such as sanding wire drawing; Electronic parts, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, plate sanding wire drawing, etc. Hardware factory, electronic factory, hardware plastic factory, hardware furniture factory, handicraft factory, decorative hardware factory, building hardware factory, polishing factory, oxidation factory, electroplating factory, metal products factory, aluminum products factory, copper products factory, petrochemical industry and so on


Service hotline:




Address:No.20, Xingzhong Road, Qijiashan Street, Beilun District, Ningbo (In the yard of Ningbo Shengfeng Pipe Industry Group)

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