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Hello, welcome to the website of Ningbo Xirui Machinery Co.

Service hotline: 0574-88390786

Ningbo Xirui Machinery Co.
        Our company specializes in the production . Sales of automatic polishing machines, polishing machines. Belt sander. Wire drawing machine. Automatic polishing machine of Taiwan-invested enterprises. Strong technical force. We have a full set of advanced technology in this industry and a group of professional design and management personnel, and can design and manufacture various types of machines according to customer requirements. We are a professional manufacturer of metal, electronic. Plumbing equipment. Tableware. Furniture accessories. Lighting. Bicycle materials. Sports equipment. Plating and other industries of iron. Copper. Aluminium. Stainless steel and other surface treatment, is a good helper for related industries to generate foreign exchange and profit.
       Yang Sheng Machinery upholds the principle of "Quality First. Integrity service. Technology innovation" business philosophy, pragmatic pioneering, dedicated to the majority of customers efficient and quality pre-sales and after-sales service, and warmly welcome new and old customers to patronage, Yang Sheng people with a new concept and open-mindedness to create a better tomorrow with you.
    "Based on the market, looking to the future" is the guideline for the long-term development of our company
   "Focus on quality and enthusiastic service" is the consistent commitment of Yang Sheng people
     After years of efforts our company has branches in Kunshan, Jiangsu, Ningbo, Zhejiang and Xiamen, Fujian and has won the trust and support of our customers.
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Address:No.20, Xingzhong Road, Qijiashan Street, Beilun District, Ningbo (In the yard of Ningbo Shengfeng Pipe Industry Group)

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